A wonderful experience! When the healing started, my hands and legs started flowing and I got the very strong idea that “DNA strings” were being healed…. After that I felt very strongly that there was being worked on the left side of my head…….it was as if an instrument was being applied, I felt all energy being active in the left side of my head for a while. It also flashed before my eyes. Then the energy dropped. At one point it felt like something was being applied to my head (still left) and energy coming in and going out at the same time. In the middle of the meditation I got an image, as if a match flame was burning at the height of the root chakra. After that it calmed down for a while, as if “the glue needed to dry”. At the end of the meditation I felt a very clear connection between my head, root chakra and feet. I felt mainly on the left side, but also the right side of the body. A special experience, I will participate again next time!

L.B. (Netherlands, 2009)