Below you can read all the relevant information for participating in the distance healings. We would like to ask you to read this page at least once before participating.

How does it work?
Before the healing, we, Karin and Maxim, together create a 13D love field from our hearts that serves as a container, a virtual energetic space, in which all healing takes place. This field expands to the size needed to accommodate all participants. Within this field an energy will flow consisting of the frequencies of Christ power, unconditional love, and neutrality of the non-dual I AM consciousness. This field will give the healing its foundation. Protective diamond lightpillars are also placed around the participants. The healing is fully supervised by our I AM consciousness and that of each participant. This I AM consciousness acts as a watchful eye from the 13th dimension and ensures that everything takes place in a focused, safe and dosed manner, and that the healing takes place according to everyone’s individual needs and soul path.  The approach, healing topics and effects of the specific healings themselves are determined by one’s own I AM, and this will vary from person to person. During this collective healing, Karin and Maxim will be together in deep meditative silence, holding the field, and staying in contact with their I AM overseeing the entire process.

Expectations should be tempered. No guarantees can ever be given that exactly what the participant hopes for, will happen. Ultimately, each individual’s own Soul and Higher Self determine at all times what can and may happen, in accordance with their own individual evolution, processing capacity and karmic baggage. And sometimes many layers of the onion have to be peeled off before you can get to core pieces. Repetition is therefore of great value. In receiving healings, just like in life, patience, trust and surrender are of great importance. Lack of this frustrates the possibilities for healing.

Consciously experiencing the healing is also no guarantee. Everyone has their own experience path in learning to feel subtle energies, so do we. What may happen is entirely up to everyone’s own Higher Self, and whether one experiences anything of it does not depend on the energy, but on one’s own sensitivity and perception. With this we want to say that it can be a shame to choose not to participate in subsequent healings as a result of “experiencing nothing”, because all kinds of effects can indeed occur, which may only be experienced very subtly at the personality level, but can be of great value on a soul level.

Karin and Maxim will create the healing field every Monday at 7.30 pm (Amsterdam/Central European Time, check current time in Amsterdam), in collaboration with the higher spiritual forces, will be in deep silence for half an hour and will hold this field until it is completed. We will go into meditation at least fifteen minutes before, and also stay in meditation for at least another fifteen minutes afterwards. We recommend that participants do the same.

At the start of the healing, participants should speak out the following words out loud:

   “I open myself to the twinray healing now.”

We asked Spirit if this was really necessary, as the registration already implies consent, but Spirit said “Yes, expressing clear and focussed intent at the start helps the power of the healing”.

We would like to ask everyone who participates to adhere to the following guidelines:

* Always register via the signup page, for every healing. This signup expresses your intention to participate towards your own spiritual guidance. To be clear, you will NOT receive a confirmation email after signing up. It is also not an online video event, no zoom link is needed.

* At the start of the healing, speak the following words out loud:
“I open myself to the twinray healing now.”

* Try and meditate yourself during the healing. The deeper you are in silence, the more can happen. If you can’t meditate due to work, don’t let that stop you from participating. Just sit still behind your computer, feet firmly on the ground, and stare at your monitor 😉

* As preparation, ideally go into meditation fifteen minutes beforehand, and stay in meditation for another fifteen minutes afterwards to let the changes in your energy field settle. So in total you would be in meditation from 19.15h to 20.15h ( Amsterdam/Central European Time, CET or CEST ).

* Take good care of yourself. Drink plenty of water afterwards. Keep your grounding in mind, before, during and after the healing. Taking a walk after the healing helps to balance the effects of the healing.

* Do not consume alcohol or drugs on the day of the healing, and certainly do not drive during the healing.

* You cannot register other people for the healing without their informed consent! If, for practical reasons, you want to do the registration procedure on this website for another person, this is possible provided that the other party is fully informed and has given permission. Understand that this can not be circumvented, everyone’s own Higher Self oversees this process and registers everyone’s own intention to participate voluntarily.

* If you feel it strongly, you can indicate in advance to your own Higher Self what you would like to receive healing on. However, our advice is always to keep the door open for healing on subjects that you have no idea about. Your Higher Self has a very good view of the degree of value and urgency of subjects, much better than you. However, that does not mean that you cannot raise a few things, your spiritual guidance will then look at how space can be created for a combination of subjects.

* You can only receive the healing at the specified time. Although cosmic energies are in principle not bound to our linear experience of time, we choose to limit it in such a way that one cannot tune in at other moments (earlier or later) in time.

* If you need to, you can set additional intentions or do decrees for grounding and protection, but this is not necessarily required. We already take these measures along into our field, and there will be high, enlightened, spiritual forces involved to oversee it.

* We do not perform distance healing at times other than stated on the signup page, nor do we do individual distance healings.

* You must agree to the conditions before participating. Here you will find some of the abovementioned guidelines, plus common provisions regarding liability and the disclaimer.

* Healings will be announced in our facebook group and telegram channel, feel free to join/follow for receiving notifications.

We would love to hear about your special experiences during the healings! You can send it to us via the contact form. Besides that it fills our hearts to know what can happen during the healings, it is also of great value as an inspiration for other (potential) participants. All submissions will be anonymized (your initials and your country) and published on the experiences page, and your consent to this will be assumed when you submit your experience to us. Thanks in advance! <3

The healings are free of charge and will always remain free of charge. However, if you feel you want to give something back after one or more healings, donations are very welcome, and you can do that via the donation page. We dedicate our lives entirely to serving Spirit and bringing more love, unity and truth to Earth, and will invest our spare income into this, besides providing for our living expenses. Thank you in advance! <3

Frequently Asked Questions

What are twin rays?
Please read here.

Do you have a newsletter? will not be using a newsletter. Healing dates will be announced in our facebook group and telegram channel, feel free to join/follow for receiving notifications.

I registered for a healing event but wish to unregister, how do I do that?
You don’t need to, your Higher Self registers your intent and decision not to participate, that’s enough.