Here you can read what others experienced during the healings. If you have had an experience you wish to share and to be displayed here, we love to receive it! Please contact us through the contact form and send us your experience. We will anonymize your name by using initials. Thanks for sharing! <3

  • ervaring-en-10

    This was my first time and it was great. I noticed exactly when you started, I felt a swirling energy and I saw that it was 7:30 PM. I laughed and giggled a lot. I always laugh when energy is released, and it was a lot. I also started to speak light language and my hands were making gestures, as I always do when new energies come in that need to be integrated. I felt many swirling energies. Very nice. After about 15 minutes I ‘saw’ energies leaving my field and after that I felt myself sitting in a large spherical light field. The last 10 minutes it was quiet and a lot of deep yawning, and I got very tired. A great experience that I would like to repeat very much. Thank you very much for your labor of love!

    E.B. (Netherlands, 2021)

  • ervaring-en-9

    It was a very beautiful healing. First I got to see an orange-red surface which after a few minutes changed into a light purple color with swirling gold in it. Pressure on my crown chakra. As the pressure became stronger, the color changed to blue, at the same time feeling pressure on the ears. It felt like I was going into a kind of trance during the whole healing. All in all a very colorful event, thank you very much!

    J.V. (Netherlands, 2021)

  • ervaring-en-8

    This was my first time and very intense. In the beginning I felt a lot of warmth at my throat and heart chakra, then I got an image of Merlin and I was on my knees crying in front of him. He reassured me. Then two past lives passed me by, which had to do with witch persecution. Then I felt fears about this go away. After an embrace with my inner child, I felt a warm stream travel through my crown to my feet and rump. I felt a lot of energy throughout my body and especially through my hands and saw a lot of white light. I spontaneously gave myself a Reiki treatment and felt pain pulling out of my knee. All in all an intense but beautiful experience.

    W.K. (Netherlands, 2021)

  • ervaring-en-7

    I received the distance treatment and it was AMAZING!!!! What a power. I felt quite some pressure on my head and felt my crown chakra strongly. I experienced a lot of heat and my hands became scalding hot. I think after about 7 minutes, my head fell forward and my neck was being worked on. In the past six months I have had quite a few muscle, tendon and joint complaints, with peaks and troughs. I can feel my left arm shoulder joint and upper arm quite well now, but I’m sure it will be fine. I still feel better. The whole day I went well, just like for a reiki initiation, the flow feelings. Half an hour before the healing I already felt everything flowing and I even got chills for a while. How beautiful it is, working with energy.

    F.B. (Netherlands, 2009)

  • ervaring-en-6

    Received your healing last night, here are my experiences. A little after 9 pm the healing came in and I felt a wavy tingling sensation in the chest in the rhythm of my breathing, this felt nice and lasted about 10 to 15 minutes. I then went into meditation for another 10 minutes and when I opened my eyes my hands were surrounded with orange energy for a circumference of 30 cm. I experimented with this for 20 minutes and sent the energy to my aching knee (mild osteoarthritis), to my surprise the pain went away and is now still gone. In one word, a great experience and I felt very powerful.

    H.v.D. (Netherlands, 2009)

  • ervaring-en-5

    I have received the healing and I think it is very special that so much has already happened while I received it for the first time. It felt as if a kind of funnel in my crown created a light tube that went along my spine through my tailbone into the earth and anchored itself firmly there. Very special for me, because I often have trouble grounding with high sensitivity. Then something started spinning at the level of my 4th chakra. A lot happened in my head, but in particular I felt that everything was happening specifically in my left half of the body and this is also the side that I have regularly struggled with. During the whole session I felt the energy go through my whole body a number of times, until I felt that all my cells were light and vibrating. I don’t know how else to explain it, but that’s how it felt. After this I felt very wide and I lay down for a while, because I felt very relaxed, but also heavy. Afterwards I felt very relaxed, happy, grateful, but above all remarkably clear in my head. Today I was not really feeling well, but I have the idea that a lot has been touched, which can be released, so I drank a lot today and let come whatever may come.

    G.R. (Netherlands, 2009)

  • ervaring-en-4

    I participated in your distance healing on April 4 and I want to thank you very much for the beautiful, warm experience. I felt the powerful energies enter through my crown and flow through my body. And today I am really letting go and feeling the change in my vibrational frequency all day long.

    J. (Netherlands, 2009)

  • ervaring-en-3

    Thank you very much for yesterday’s healing. After I tuned in I saw and felt waves of light and love and also beings of light in this ray. I saw you in a happy state floating a little above the ground well connected to mother earth by the silver cord and the gold cord upwards. I then received all kinds of insights through an experience in my body. So thank you for this beautiful and powerful healing.

    A. H. (Netherlands, 2009)

  • ervaring-en-2

    A wonderful experience! When the healing started, my hands and legs started flowing and I got the very strong idea that “DNA strings” were being healed…. After that I felt very strongly that there was being worked on the left side of my head…….it was as if an instrument was being applied, I felt all energy being active in the left side of my head for a while. It also flashed before my eyes. Then the energy dropped. At one point it felt like something was being applied to my head (still left) and energy coming in and going out at the same time. In the middle of the meditation I got an image, as if a match flame was burning at the height of the root chakra. After that it calmed down for a while, as if “the glue needed to dry”. At the end of the meditation I felt a very clear connection between my head, root chakra and feet. I felt mainly on the left side, but also the right side of the body. A special experience, I will participate again next time!

    L.B. (Netherlands, 2009)

  • ervaring-en-1

    I have been participating in the distance healing meditations for months and they have really given me a huge boost. I lived in the Ardennes in the middle of nowhere and within a few months I was on the path of (crystal) healer myself and my consciousness really improved by leaps and bounds. And yesterday it was fantastic again, but this time I also felt it on a physical level. I had a lot of mucus in my lungs for a few days, because I had a very bad cold. Immediately after the meditation my lungs were as good as clean again and my cold is almost gone.

    Y.B. (Belgium, 2009)