Here you can read what others experienced during the healings. If you have had an experience you wish to share and to be displayed here to inspire others, we love to receive it! Please contact us through the contact form and send us your experience. We will anonymize your name by using initials. Thanks for sharing! <3

  • ervaring-en-20

    I participated for the first time in the collective healing on Monday evening. It was a very relaxed meditation and healing, where I felt particularly at ease. It was a harmonious event where there was a lot of alternation of colors flowing into each other. That was beautiful anyway. And especially images of Mother Gaia. Thank you very much.

    H.D. (Netherlands, 2023)

  • ervaring-en-19

    It was such an intense experience tonight that it is difficult to put into words – I was moved – I cried – the consciously felt pure and safe atmosphere around me. I realized that I can take care of my energy field and living environment myself, but not be embedded in this high “quality” that I simply cannot create. It was a benevolent feeling to be so intensely in a deep rest and space, and thus to be able to feel myself in such peace and tranquility!

    J. (Netherlands, 2023)

  • ervaring-en-18

    I had the feeling of a gentle energy, I was in the company of 3 others, in Austria. My husband had arranged that. 1 woman is seriously ill, recovering from 2 major surgeries, radiation and a lung tumor that could not be removed. I just tuned in, because I realized this was not just arranged for nothing. The joy and gratitude during the healing were enormous. I myself was highlighted with an unexpected loving gift, in gratitude for something I had given. The energy was light and very fine. The positivity was enormous and I experienced the power of light, love and healing. I felt that Master Jesus was present.

    H.T. (Netherlands, 2023)

  • ervaring-en-17

    Thank you for the nice healing. I felt very quickly an activation of my crown chakra, I asked for help and insight on a personal theme, several light beings came to me. I felt their energy and suddenly Jesus was with me ( may also have been symbolically my own Christ consciousness ) and I felt him place his hand on my heart chakra. Then I fell into a deep sleep, woke up over half an hour after the meditation ended. I slowly “came back to earth” after that.

    R.H. (Netherlands, 2023)

  • ervaring-en-16

    I participated yesterday for the first time and I really enjoyed it. I could feel where in my body was being “worked”, at my head and at my heart. The energy was intense and I could sink very deep. Slept wonderfully last night.

    A.B. (Nederland, 2022)

  • ervaring-en-15

    Very powerful energy, I really had to get used to it…. I also experienced a slight feeling of nausea. Later in the healing I stabilized and felt the energy bubbling through my body. What an experience!

    E.S. (Nederland, 2022)

  • ervaring-en-14

    What a special experience! I was sitting in meditation and very slowly I fell forward, head on the mattress: stop working! After this I lay on my back and light descended into my body from top to bottom, clearly passing the chakras. At the second chakra it became very hot and fiery. My hands were there too. Finally I ascended, my body floating as a light formĀ  in the air next to another body. Finally out of shape. Blissfully formless. After this, the formlessness in the body descended back.

    E.P. (Netherlands, 2022)

  • ervaring-en-13

    Thank you for setting up this powerful healing field, which allowed a lot to happen within us. First in the head, then the throat chakra and for some time in the abdomen. Then the DNA was adjusted to the new vibration and the kundalini channel was cleared. At 8 pm the field decreased noticeably, while we had the feeling only 10 minutes had passed. We were both a bit dizzy afterwards. It was wonderful to experience this without words.

    J. and K. (Netherlands, 2021)

  • ervaring-en-12

    It was lovely! I immediately felt so much rest in myself and I saw the Earth as if I was at a big distance in space. I was able to turn the Earth around by stroking it… The Earth seemed vulnerable. After a while the Earth came into my Heart, which was very fulfilling for both of us! I heard the words: “Open Yourself” and I did. I loved the experience… ThanX!

    E.M. (Netherlands, 2021)

  • ervaring-11-en

    During an earlier session with Karin I had understood that there was still an unconscious desire in me for a more beautiful reality that I knew. This desire had been nourished by my years of illness and apparently still present in my cells. This caused chronic pain complaints. I meditated in the distance healing to clear this desire for myself and felt a lot of compassion towards myself. The desire had allowed me to survive at the time, so I was grateful and let it be.
    Then I decided to let go of the desire and put it in a golden box. I went to bury it in the garden, but was then taken into the Earth. Deep in the center of the Earth I felt a very tall figure who I knew was a Pleiadian and that we were one Soul. Our divorce, he/she said, was arranged between us; I would immerse myself in this 3D planet so that I could make a big conscious leap in our evolution, for us and the big picture. It is precisely because of this separation, the not-knowing, that I could go much deeper. The pain was the pain of the separation, the nostalgia for that more beautiful reality and for this version of my soul, which I was now allowed to meet. In response to the healing I feel that the area in my back around my heart chakra is expanding, as if the tall Pleiadean has fused with me and my muscles are joining his/her energy body. I feel moved: Finally Together again. <3

    M.S. (Netherlands, 2021)