During an earlier session with Karin I had understood that there was still an unconscious desire in me for a more beautiful reality that I knew. This desire had been nourished by my years of illness and apparently still present in my cells. This caused chronic pain complaints. I meditated in the distance healing to clear this desire for myself and felt a lot of compassion towards myself. The desire had allowed me to survive at the time, so I was grateful and let it be.
Then I decided to let go of the desire and put it in a golden box. I went to bury it in the garden, but was then taken into the Earth. Deep in the center of the Earth I felt a very tall figure who I knew was a Pleiadian and that we were one Soul. Our divorce, he/she said, was arranged between us; I would immerse myself in this 3D planet so that I could make a big conscious leap in our evolution, for us and the big picture. It is precisely because of this separation, the not-knowing, that I could go much deeper. The pain was the pain of the separation, the nostalgia for that more beautiful reality and for this version of my soul, which I was now allowed to meet. In response to the healing I feel that the area in my back around my heart chakra is expanding, as if the tall Pleiadean has fused with me and my muscles are joining his/her energy body. I feel moved: Finally Together again. <3

M.S. (Netherlands, 2021)