I have received the healing and I think it is very special that so much has already happened while I received it for the first time. It felt as if a kind of funnel in my crown created a light tube that went along my spine through my tailbone into the earth and anchored itself firmly there. Very special for me, because I often have trouble grounding with high sensitivity. Then something started spinning at the level of my 4th chakra. A lot happened in my head, but in particular I felt that everything was happening specifically in my left half of the body and this is also the side that I have regularly struggled with. During the whole session I felt the energy go through my whole body a number of times, until I felt that all my cells were light and vibrating. I don’t know how else to explain it, but that’s how it felt. After this I felt very wide and I lay down for a while, because I felt very relaxed, but also heavy. Afterwards I felt very relaxed, happy, grateful, but above all remarkably clear in my head. Today I was not really feeling well, but I have the idea that a lot has been touched, which can be released, so I drank a lot today and let come whatever may come.

G.R. (Netherlands, 2009)