Twin Rays

What are twin rays?

Twin rays are the two soul fragments that result from the first soul split from Source. You can therefore only have one twin ray. Twin flames arise from later splits within the soul splitting process, allowing you to have multiple twin flames. Twin souls and soul mates are more generic terms, usually referring to twin flames or later soul group and monad connections within the entire tree of soul division.

These aspects have a great mirroring effect towards each other, and the closer to Source, the greater the reflection. In being together with such an aspect one is strongly confronted with the Truth about oneself, and about one’s Ego or Illusion Self. This applies most strongly to twin rays. Everything that is not in accordance with True Self, God Self, is touched upon and made visible.

The potential of love and unity with a twin ray partner or twin flame partner is of course huge, but it can only exist when one has already realized that love and unity within. The outer world, including the love relationship with such a partner, is just a reflection of this internal reality. Without this inner realization, there is a good chance that such a relationship will fail. In general, first the inner work has to be done, then the matching external reality will be drawn in by itself. The same applies to attracting these aspects. The Higher Self determines when one is ready to encounter such an aspect, and first encounters can trigger an explosion of ego issues, which in itself can be valuable for spiritual growth, but can cause too much tension to sustain a lasting relationship. So the message is: transform yourself, don’t focus too much on this potential partner, and one day, in this life or the next, it will come to you naturally. Twin ray relationships are not very common on Earth yet, twin flame relationships are more common. It takes a certain acquired inner freedom on both sides to be able to continuously be together in a twin ray partnership.