By participating in the healings you agree to the following terms:

* Make sure you have read the information page at least once.
* Receive the healing in a quiet, safe place where you can sit in silence (whether or not meditating)
* Do not receive the healing in a busy environment or while you are driving a car
* Do not receive the healing under the influence of alcohol or drugs
* You can only sign up for the healings yourself. You can register others only if you have their informed consent. This cannot be circumvented, the healing takes place through everyone’s own Higher Self, and it simply does not allow the healing if one has not consented.
* You can only receive the healing yourself at the indicated time. Although the healing energies are generally not bound to our linear experience of time, we choose to limit it in such a way that one cannot tune in at other moments (earlier or later) in time.

* Participation in the healings is entirely at your own risk.
* You are and remain responsible for what happens energetically and physically during and after the healings. We set parameters in collaboration with the Higher Spiritual World so that the healings take place safely and in a controlled manner, but within these parameters many different effects can occur per individual. Imbalance may temporarily increase before a new balance is reached. Your own Higher Self may decide to use the healings to activate themes within you that can cause physical and emotional discomfort. Transformation often does not happen without a bit of discomfort. Accept it, choose it consciously, and embrace it with self-love.
* Manage your expectations. We make no guarantees and cannot make any guarantees. Everything is in the hands of one’s own Higher Self, and its will is not always necessarily the same as the will of the personality. It flows as it flows.
* Take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water afterwards. Keep your grounding in mind, before, during and after the healing. Taking a walk after the healing helps to balance the effects of the healing.
* Be explicit in determining what you want and what you don’t want. Free will determines what you allow in an energetic sense, don’t be frivolous or without boundaries. Focus on the Light.

Medical disclaimer
A healing can never replace medical advice from a doctor or a medical expert. Healings can be a valuable addition on the way to physical recovery but do not replace it. Healings are not intended as a substitute for regular treatments.

Personal data
Personal data is collected in the registration for the healings. The following data is collected: email address, country. This data is not shared with third parties aimed at commercial activities. Although we do not use a newsletter service ourselves, it is possible that we occasionally send an e-mail to the specified e-mail address for household announcements or news about new, related services.